Love Deluxe – Silk Mirage (2017 EP)


This is the debut EP from Sydney based electronic musician Love Deluxe, but it is a decidedly sure footed opening gambit. The sound is typified by disco house grooves, layers of synths and a decidedly retro feel to the production that manages to avoid feeling cheesy or dated.

The opening number, Cool Breeze Over The Mountains, is propelled along by a stomping drum beat and blessed with squelchy synth lines that equate to a fairly simple yet enjoyable track. However the stand out number of the EP is actually the remix of that same song, which is stripped back and given a funky bass line and rhythm guitar parts that lift the tune to be something truly remarkable. The octave bass parts and β€˜80s synth sound take the retro feel of the original one step further, and in a good way.

Similarly, the title track sounds as if it should be played over the closing credits of a Miami-based buddy cop comedy from 1986. The use of panning and reverb help to create a sense of space and there is enough variation in the drums to keep thing propelling forward for its four-minute duration. If you’re a fan of disco and groove-based electronic music then check for Love Deluxe as hopefully this is just the beginning.

Written for Beat Magazine.

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