Flowertruck – Mostly Sunny (2018 LP)

The aptly named Mostly Sunny does a great job of capturing the jangly, nervous exuberance of Sydney’s Flowertruck. The band have released several of the tracks as singles over the past 12 months, including the excellent ‘Dying To Hear’, which strikes an appealing balance between their tendency towards wistfulness and real emotional weight, with a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

The four-piece are not afraid of making their influences clear in terms of both feel and arrangement, with album opener and current single ‘Enough For Now’ coming off like a lost Go-Betweens cut, thanks to its dreamy synth and slightly odd yet catchy melody.

The album does suffer from an over-consistency of mood, and singer Charles Rushforth’s passionate idiosyncratic vocal also seems a little over-excited at times, a device that works well in concert but on record is just a touch too much.

However, there is enough variety here of bright jangly tunes, such as ‘Come Across’ and ‘Komici’; ‘80s synth pop like ‘New is the Saddest Word and ‘Comfort’; and more contemplative moments, such as ‘All My Girlfriends Are Zeppelins’, to present a cohesive snapshot of an exciting and unique band.

Written for Beat Magazine.

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