Frida – Slowly (2015 Single)


For their first release, Melbourne’s Frida deliver dark indie-pop stylings with a twist.

Recorded entirely in a share house in West Brunswick, the hub around which the residents and their friends have based their new Wyall Style Records, Slowly and its b-side I Want It All have a charming intimacy.

Slowly is a slow creeper of a song, at once seemingly laid back in its delivery and tempo, whilst at the same time keeping the listener attentive, even on edge.

The repetitive picked guitar line, slow, loping drum figure and reverb soaked vocals evoke the sort of creepy atmosphere of a beautifully shot film scene, in which you know at any moment something violent is coming.

The instrumental side of Frida also perform in eight-piece funk/soul outfit The Cactus Channel, and their obvious ease in playing and arranging parts together results in a tasty, cohesive proposition, whilst offering an enjoyable variance in flavour from their other band.

Frida launch Slowly/I Want It All this Friday September 18th at The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne.

The single will be available on clear 7″ and digital download, for details visit

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